Senses Pleated Blinds

Due to the success of our Senses® Roller blind systems the natural extension to the range was to introduce Senses® Pleated.

The new pleated system is slimline allowing a neater, more aesthetically pleasing finish. Available with Senses® Pleated are 7 rail colours White, Cream, Silver, Champagne, Bronze, Brown and Black. An extensive range of 9 endcap colours in co-ordinating shades with the addition of Brushed Bronze, Black Chrome and Grey to complete the luxurious look. Senses® Pleated has been designed with functionality in mind with two control options available; tensioned and an integrated cordlock system.

The tensioned system is child safe by design; no additional child safety devices are required. It is controlled via a profiled bottom rail and it can be repositioned simply by lowering or raising the bar. The integrated cord lock system is secured by moving the cord to raise and lower the blind to the desired position. Additional child safety components will be supplied as standard to ensure the blind is compliant with legislation BS EN 13120. The Senses® Pleated system can be used with all Hive® cellular and 20mm pleated fabrics